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Unverricht–Lundborg disease (abbreviated ULD or EPM1) is the most common form of an uncommon group of genetic epilepsy disorders called the progressive myoclonus epilepsies. It is caused due to a mutation in the cystatin B gene (CSTB). The disease is named after Heinrich Unverricht, who first described it in 1891, and Herman Bernhard Lundborg, who researched it in greater detail in 1901 and 1903. ULD onsets in children between the ages of 6 and 16; there are no known cases in which the person was older than 18. Most cases originate from the Baltic region of Europe, though many have been reported from countries in the Mediterranean.Onset of the disease is characterized by myoclonic jerks and tonic-clonic seizures. Early cases often resulted in the need of a wheelchair and death before the age of 24, but new treatments and medications have increased the life expectancy of individuals with ULD, in some cases even to near that of an unaffected individual.

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