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SQ, Sq, or sq may stand for:

Social (intelligence) quotient, a statistical abstraction of social intelligence
Systemizing quotient, a measure of a person's neurological tendency to systemizeOther uses in science and technology:

SQ (program), a program for compressing files on MS-DOS and CP/M
Sound quality, the characteristics of the output of a preamp, amp or sound system
Stereo quadraphonic, a matrix quadraphonic gramophone record format developed by CBS
Subcutaneous injection, in medicineOther uses:

Shakespeare Quarterly, a quarterly academic journal on the works of William Shakespeare
Shqip, an Albanian language (ISO 639 alpha-2 code "sq")
Singapore Airlines (IATA airline designator SQ)
Space Quest, a series of adventure games by Sierra Entertainment
Square, a type of measure of area, such as square foot (sq ft)
Status quo, Latin for "current situation"
Sûreté du Québec, the Quebec police force
An organization from the Infinity Ring book series

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