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Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, United Kingdom - 3584 mi away
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Posted on Sunday 14th of August 2022
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Surfer girl photoshoot

We went to the mythical lake location to do a surfer girl photoshoot.

There’s a walkway down to a gentle pebble cove and shallow waters. So, I set up all the lightening and the model changed in wet suite in the bushes out of site and put her wet shoes on brought the body board.

She then wet her hair and splashed her wet suit to get the “wet look” and went into the shallow lake.

We then shot a back photo going into the lake, almost like she was out looking for a wave to catch.

Then she turned front ways, and we took some shots of her sexily posing coming out of water with her board, and one with the water standing up in the water.

Great natural light and was a sunny day so water not so cold!

This location is great for bikini shoot or naked lady of lake shoot. Will be shooting in autumn/ winter months when the mist is around, give a magical / fantasy feel to the shoot.

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