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Posted on Sunday 6th of December 2020
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Thought i would start a blog on how i got into modelling so here goes, I have been Swinging for 20 years with my 2nd Husband and obviously if you have read my profile you will know we run a Swinging venue in Blackpool and have been for a few years.

We have met some wonderful people over those 20 years and have hundreds of friends now that we have met through the Swinging scene, i have always had pictures taken by Hubby (Steve) that were used on Swinging profiles we have on many sites for our personal meetings and for advertising the venue.

Taking my clothes off for pics and having pics taken while Swinging and having sex has always been something we have done and are happy doing as a couple or group, my hubby who is nearly 60 and in poor health due to Heart disease, numerous heart attacks, Skin cancer, and sleep Apnoea is now not at his fittest unfortunately :(.

So Swinging wise he is happy for me to get my pleasures sexually with whoever i wish and would not deny me as a woman sexual pleasure or contact, some people may not understand this or be happy with it, but Swinging has made us more open, honest and relaxed with life as we have got older and i am sure that outlook will always be the same.

So at the age of 52 i started modelling, having met many models and photographers that used the venue for photo shoots and Adult film productions it was quite easy to get involved and i had had many requests before, as i said Hubby had always taken my pics, so it was a bit nerve wracking to start with in front of a stranger or more than one camera.

Steve is very trusting and loves me having photo's by others taken so always helps out if needed during a shoot or he can find other things to do and be elsewhere but knowing he is in the building relaxes me him not being far away which is exactly like the swinging if i was having sex with someone else.

He probably gets on with the photographers better than i do photography wise (as some of you will know)  as he has an interest in photography and obviously my image and pictures we do have guys shoot and stay overnight and Steve will chat to them all night about images, idea, methods etc lol while having a beer or two while they are editing.

Big thanks to Busty Kim & John (Kim's Amateur's) they are here 3 times a year for two weeks at a time and always been a massive support, are very good friends and always will be.

Shoots i now love them and the regular guys i shoot with (they know who they are) know i like friendly, cheeky, flirty, sexy, chatty entertaining but not pervy, i do get a bit turned on and i like to see that the Tog is enjoying the shoot also and most are open and honest lovely guys.

Only two i wouldn't entertain again both on here one did a content share and i never got any images at all, the other questioned payment and not paying so was soon told that if he refused to pay, his camera and equipment would stay with us by Hubby he soon got his wallet out lol.

I wish i had started many years ago if i'm honest, i enjoy earning some pocket money but i don't do it for the money, just as happy content sharing with the right persons as the images get used on our swinging profiles etc so long may it continue as long as my body holds up.

Will leave it here for now, but will add more as i go along, happy to answer any questions on anything you wish to ask luv Sandy x

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