Unpleasant models!

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Posted on Monday 30th of May 2022
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I have been a photographer for quite a few years and have met and worked with some amazing people during this time, but sadly have met some very unpleasant people too, law of averages I guess!?

Joining AF over 8 yrs ago has taught me valuable lessons, one of which is NEVER get involved with a model!, now I know you can't paint everyone with the same brush and I never do, but one experience I had was horrendous!, especially when it took notifying the police of this persons behaviour on more than one occasion.

This so called amateur model (I won't name names), was just starting out as a hobbyist and sadly drew me in, it took me around 3 months to discover what a Narcissistic pathological liar she is and so I cut all ties with her but I got a few months of the usual ranting & raving that you get when you reject someone and had to block her on all media.

It is a shame cus I got a few reasonable images of her, mostly due to my directing the posing and using flattering camera angles, but as a published photographer I do like to present images if they turn out well.

So, you never know what you're walking into when you first meet that 'model' and shoot with them, the moral of the tale is always keep it professional, NEVER cross that line and NEVER get involved no matter how much he/she tries to draw you in!, their lies & BS can affect your reputation cus people get taken in by them without getting the other persons side of the story first. 

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