Defamation of character!

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Posted on Saturday 8th of May 2021
Posted by RebelImages3 comments • Read 168 times • 1 minute read

I have never claimed to be a Pro photographer and never would do, but I do love all forms of photography.

Pro togs have praised some of my work saying I clearly have a 'good eye' for a shot and my composition of a capture sometimes has separated my work from the casual shooter, praise which I have felt very humbled by and totally appreciate, thank you to those highly skilled people for their praise.

Lack of finances and transport (plus the pandemic restrictions), have greatly reduced my shooting and uploading of content, something I would love to change this summer, obv the pandemic has prob restricted most peoples shooting this past year although some have chosen to ignore the law/rules.

One experience I could have done without recently is a very amateur 'model' has started lying to others on AF about me and bad mouthing me, now I know i'm not the first or only tog this has happened to and I won't be the last but surely this should not be allowed to happen and for them to remain as a member on AF?, these people ruin the experience for many and can affect peoples future shooting with others, obv I wouldn't go into details on here as that is not what AF is about, I just hope any individuals who were thinking of shooting with me but are in doubt because of her lies will contact me so I can clear my name with regards to her behaviour and defamation of my character.

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