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Okay, new start, NEW START (12th March 2023). Updated 21st March 2023.

Confession to the pure of heart. 

Are you different from the rest, is your heart pure? The broken are the more evolved.                

Film "Split" (2017) - Rejoice scene -      


Yes, I've partaken with others in activities, which have not been constructive to true wellbeing of emotional health. 

I've never gotten fully involved in any physical sexual activity, but I did get fully involved in the observing, and shooting of sexual acts, and the portrayal of the body form to play on people's sexual emotions.

I see the same individuals involved in nearly all of the controlling, and organising, of sites, clubs and activities for the encouraging of sharing sexual activities and imagery.

Who is really making the money? Who is really doing/encouraging the exploitation of sexual emotions?

There are too many vulnerable (easily manipulated or groomed) individuals. I am continually seeing the physical scars of self harm. I am continually realising/noticing the inconsistency of what I read, and am told, that the/an individual won't partake-in/do; and that of which I see image evidence of them having partaken or still partaking in the acts of which they claim to not participate in. 

I've never paid for any sexual acts, or anyone to show me anything sexual etc. I've always believed in working as equals and valuing each others contribution etc. I've never paid someone to share my time/activities with me. 

The people who pay for sexual imagery, activities, and things, are obviously not happy/satisfied with the people and things they have.

If a person is happy/satisfied/in-love with another person (and in/with themself); then surely there would be contentment, and no craving etc of attention or sharing etc outside of that relationship.

Are you happy getting attention, but sad when you realize why you're getting the attention? 

I've been happy, and still am happy, in just enjoying the day out and shoot; and giving all good shoot content to the model, for the model to do with whatever they want, and for myself not to post/share etc the shoot content anywhere (i.e. the shoot content was/is totally for the model to do with whatever they want).

If model is happy/okay with me posting/sharing shoot content, then all truly mutually acceptable photos and videos, will equally/matchingly been given etc, to model, and model will be totally free to do whatever they want with photos etc they have shot. I'm on this site to share my interest etc, in creativity, exploring, and the outdoors. So, if you like taking photos outdoors, whilst exploring the outdoors, hiking, cycling, urbexing, etc, then get in touch.

Yes, I've fallen in to the helping others to gain the attention of others, and I am of course affected by sexual emotions/thoughts, but I always try to get people to think. 

You're either on this site to gain confidence, or/and attention from other people, and/or just to try make money. 

From today (12th March 2023), I will still keep my levels listed of this site as the same as before, but I won't be thinking of ideas etc to shoot at any levels higher than fashion/clothed etc.

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