Wolverhampton, West Midlands

I like my photos to be natural and realistic, to what the eye can see when choosing to take the photo. Willing to take many of the (shoot styles) work levels, as long as it is TFP etc, and all parties are comfortable with ideas. Ask me, if you think I could help. I feel I'd rather it be me taking the upper shoot style photos/videos, you want, rather than someone else trying to push above what you want to do.

All photos posted on here are only of people I know are on here/Adultfolio. 
Adult work:
I will not be aiming to have any sex, i.e. I will not be aiming to have intercourse, or receive/give oral.

I am willing to shoot any B/G, but I won't be B. 

I've only recently (January 2019) started taking more photos, I used to video (GoPro) the waterfalls and areas I explored.

Basically, I like walking and taking scenic photos of scenery of which I find interesting. I want to take photos with people/models in, to show a perception of size, distance etc.

I don't want models to travel too far from their home area, plus I want model to also have as much choice in location, and style of photos as me or anyone.

Really I want to work with, and only work with, anyone who mutually believes we can both help each other get something we like from a day.

I feel I need to state this: I have to be honest with myself and who/what I am, and admit I wouldn't feel comfortable with being seen carrying a large etc camera, due to my social anxiety, therefore I don't have a large camera. Anyway, the only things I'd like to do, which I know I can't do, is take wide lense photos with a fish eye etc needed. I'm only wanting to do photography for a hobby. I really just wanted a good compact camera, with a good zoom and megapixel, which I could hide, and take photos/videos whilst exploring places, without it being in the way etc.

Message me. 

I don't aim to pay or charge for photography; I do photography as an hobby. I share with the model everything which I don't either delete, or deem not good enough to send (unless asked for). All truly mutually acceptable photos etc, are equally owned etc, by model and myself, and model is free to do what they want with photos etc they have.

I'm up for taking photos with anyone, who is up for walking and exploring areas, and taking photos in interesting/scenic places. If you have some interesting places in mind, please feel welcome to mention them. I'm sure we could find an agreeable time and place to take photos.

I like areas/spots/locations which couldn't just be anywhere, i.e. the spots/locations have to be one-off/unique and/or recognisable of where the area/spot is. I like outdoor backdrops in my photos. I do love the opinion to shoot indoors, incase of bad weather, because I hate cancellations. I like my photos to have a background, storyline, or a natural/realistic feel, and not just a set up pose with no story-line. "Cosplay" does have a story/character in the photo, plus "lifestyle" is natural/realistic. Anyway, I never cancel a booking: when I make a booking, that time is my promise to spend that time with the model, but don't book my time, then think you can have me wait around for you to decide if you want to meet/shoot, e.g. if you don't keep to booked time and I don't think you'll show etc, then I will carry on with my plans/life, and not wait around.

I'm on PurplePort ( my other profile ) as 6Amadeus9

I'm also on Fetlife, as _Amadeus_

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